Donated in memory of Agnes Hay Sinclair this window portrays the blues and purples of heaven completely surrounding the browns and greens of earth thus representing the world as we know it. The red colors symbolize the presence of God who brings the whole creation into perfect harmony. There are six crosses in the window, two at the top; two at the bottom – all red – and two golden ones in the center panels. The large central cross is one of celtic design reflecting Anges Hay Sinclair’s Scottish and Presbyterian heritage. The smaller one is a testimony to Jesus and carries His sign of the fish, an ancient Christian symbol which conveyed this affirmation “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior.” All four sided objects or four interwoven circles symbolize the four basic elements—wind—rain—earth—fire. The red circles and squares, some with three equal inter-divisions, speak of God Eternal—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The symbolic message of the window is this: the world as we know it, heavens and earth, is blended into harmony and is given meaning through the guiding hand of Almighty God, especially in Jesus Christ, His Son, Our Lord.